Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Music: Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream + VAN DAM

This video, shot in Shanghai, is sweet. I like the colors and the 2nd guy's facial expressions. Empire of the Sun are a duo from Australia, which means typically I'd hate them for talking all like "Have you beeeeeen to the Pahdy?", but I don't seem to mind in this instance. I mean look at them:

Seriously though, Australian's have the worst freak accent out of English-speaking countries by far. What is that shit? I don't even mind freak New Zealand accents as much. And - little fun fact - did you know they don't even say "throw another shrimp on the barby?". They call them prawns. "Throw another prawn on the barby"... That doesn't even sound cool. Freak Australians bastardizing English with their freak accents.

Also, I finally saw Slumdog Millionaire. I may put up my thoughts later but it's more or less everything I expected - great. Another film I've been meaning to see at the Angelika is JCVD, or Jean-Claude Van Dam. Terence and Chris and company recently had a cat follow them home. They took the cat and brought him home. They named their stolen rabies cat Jean-Claude Van Dam. She may be pregnant - Jean-Claude that is.

"'JCVD' is not an action movie but a shrewd satire about stardom and the cult of celebrity. It tells the story of an action star who is still famous, and yet something of a has-been. A man who still has fans, but who has serious career problems. A man who is recognized everywhere, but as much for his failures as his successes. A man who could probably spend the rest of his life making good money in pictures, but in low-budget, demeaning productions that are beneath him." - SF Gate

Thus my top 5 Jean-Claude movies, in order, are: Bloodsport, Bloodsport, Bloodsport, Bloodsport, JCVD (expected - if not, Bloodsport!).

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