Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fashion: "Hey, Cool Clothes Bro!"

I'm getting my West Indian on and trying to keep a few hustles going, you know to hedge myself with all this market turmoil. One of my new endeavors is a styling business - I have like 3 clients already and I started a week ago. No big deal. I hired a bunch of awesome Japanese dudes and Bard alums that just search the internet for cool shit that I can recommend to my clients. I pay them in trees since I'm trying to grow the business organically. I should have 100 clients by the end of the year. And if that fails I got the whole Taliban Chic-inspired line I'm finna do. And I'm starting to design shawls. Shawls and dashikis are gonna be the jumpoff. Shawls.... I'm gonna start rocking fitteds, a shawl on top of some shit, jeans, and high tops.

I was iffy on these Kris Van Aassch hightops but I kind of dig, hardbody:

You might remember I posted the Kris Van Assche A/Q 08s on one of the first posts I did here. Dude's on top of his game. Where can I even attempt to buy these?

Peep these leather holdalls from A Brand Apart. Shit looks good. It's available in black and brown but I don't really feel black leather bags. I was going to include a link on where to cop it but shit is like 1500+ so who really cares?
Windbreakers by Raf Simons:

New Jonas Coat by Krane - waxed cotton, double breasted officer's coat, sheep fur lined collar, removable liner is made from "recycled Italian military blanket." Krane's always dope:

New looks from Public School. Here's a few joints from their Autumn/Winter 2008 line. A lot of black on some future-punk looking shit. Here's their Goodland Jacket:

and the 3 zip jacket:

and the Studded Leather Vest Sweater:

And Sandinista just dropped their new Fall/Winter 2008 jawns which I dig more than Public School.

Peep these Giuliano Fijiwara accessories. Starting with these sneakers with suede on the front and onto some shades and bags.

Stumbled across some new hats on Mishka's website:
And new fitteds by Atmos:

Aww shieet, I leave you with cheeseburgers. I kind of have a thing for cheesburgers. It started as a joke. If I was 10 minutes late somewhere a friend would joke about how I'm probably off somewhere eating cheeseburgers. Formerly not so much of a fan, I started to embrace the cheeseburger. I wrote a rap song about it. I had epiphanies related to the classic cheeseburger vs. bacon cheeseburger debate I thought about getting a tattoo of a cheeseburger with eight arms on my lower back - a blasphemous cheeseburger tramp stamp. I posted burgers that looked like AirMax's on my blog:Courtesy of Kanye's blog, check out this dreamy dress made by Joy Kampia. Mmmmmm:

UPDATE: Burberry Prorsum military-style jacket from Autumn/Winter 08 line:


Anonymous said...

i like it all. that goodland jacket is tough as hell.

Vodkatron said...

i would eat the shit out of those air maxs

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