Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kewl Stuff on the Interwebs

Do you know Matt Lesko? He's really kewl. He can tell you how to get free money the government gives away EVERY YEAR!!! Let's look at some photos of Matthew Lesko together!

Matt Lesko sits on couches like normal people! Like you and I!

Matt Lesko in Washington DC - That's where he finds out how to get YOU government money!
I love you Matt Lesko. You're so full of energy!Don't. Ever. Change. Matt.
I really like Matt Lesko but not as much as I like John Basedow. He looks so normal from the neck up. But then there's those abs. Boom! Don't fuck with John Basedow, he's a fitness guru. Remember when everyone thought he died in a Tsunami? That prank was so mean!

Even though he's a cultural icon, recognized across the globe for his monstrous abdomens, John stays pretty modest. In an article with the esteemed Iowa State Daily he was all like "... it's so hard to believe - that I'm a popular icon." No it's not John! NO. IT'S. NOT.

Here's a Fitness Made Simple advertisement featuring John Fucking Basedow.

Remember the movie Soul Man? Does the name C. Thomas Howell make you wet? The film Soul Man is about a man who undergoes racial transformation by taking tanning pills in very large dose to qualify for an African-American scholarship at Harvard Law School. I guess the main character learns valuable lessons and even "genuinely falls in love with" black student. Maybe that's why James Earl Jones signed on to join the cast. In addition to the trailer I leave you with 2 taglines used in advertising:
  • He didn't give up. He got down.
  • Mark needs a scholarship to get into Harvard. There's one more available for a black student. The problem is Mark's not black... YET.

A coworker just asked me if I knew what Salvia is. Ha! Idiot! I was all like, psh, yeah - that was all the rage when I was 11 you old fart! It reminded me of this which is pretty old now, but I still enjoy the shit out of it:

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