Thursday, December 3, 2009


Awhile back I discovered an awesome web site that fanatically cataloged magazine, television and movie stills of women wearing scarves on their heads ("Celebrating the beauty and allure of the headscarved woman"). Blown away, I decided to contact the site's owner for an interview and after a drawn-out back and forth exchange, here it is!

It says on your website "I had developed quite a fascination with women wearing headscarves, mainly as a result of dating several girls who were into "the look". Where do you live? Why do you think you initially met so many girls who were into "the look'?

I live in Geneva, Switzerland. It gets a bit cold and windy here during autumn, winter and early spring. A lot of women of all ages cover their heads in various ways. Back when I was in high school, however, a very pretty girl in our class started wearing a classic-tied headscarf during the winter, and the most popular girl loved the look and adopted it. Before you would know it, we had most of the girls in our school in a Classic or a Kelly, and each and every one of them tried to have their own individual style.

What exactly is it about scarves that attract you so much to them?

The women wearing them. ;) Seriously, I wish I'd know, probably it has to do with the girls I dated! A friend of mine loves women with glasses, for instance. It may have something to do about the scarf framing the face, and actually adding to the woman's beauty. Then it's mainly collector fever: I like to collect pictures and share them.

Do you find women wearing scarves around their neck attractive, or does this not really appeal to you in the same way?

I find all women attractive, with my wife at the top. ;) Anyway, it's another thing.

Who are some of your favorite celebrities who wear the headscarf frequently? what are some of your favorite films/television shows that have featured the headscarf?

That's a tough one. I always think of Audrey Hepburn first, my favourite actress of all time, who wore it so naturally. Among the contemporary celebrities there's of course Alicia Keys with her beautiful rear ties and occasional Kelly, and Anna Friel who wore some great wraps in the show "Pushing Daisies". Alas, that one has been cancelled. Friel is just lovely. Madonna has always been a great headscarf wearer, of course. So is Jennifer Lopez.

As for films and so on, that's even tougher. I sometimes joke that "Great Balls of Fire" was great fun, but the real good reason to have it among your DVDs is Winona Ryder in a Kelly headscarf! Lisa Blount is great as well, but Winona gets the longer and better scenes. Period movies and TV shows of course are often great occasions to see an actress in a nice wrap. The new Marple series for instance, we've had Sophia Myles and Saffron Burrows for instance. I'm still waiting for "Mad Men" to get their ladies into some silk.


Bena said...

wonder does this also go for headscarved muslim women in geneva?

Dap said...

that's a great point, my dude (dudette?)

Bena said...

dudette is okay i am into the early 90s

boobs said...


Bena said...

in that case may i propose a series of best composite drawings ever starting with this

and then this

and so on

Dap said...

This composite drawing stuff is great. WE'RE QUITE KEEN ON YOU.

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