Monday, December 21, 2009

\\\\\\\\ Top 5 List of Lists from Nick Diamonds of Islands + Top 5 Opening Rap Lines He Could Think of Right Now from Rapper/Contributor Despot

I try not to talk about it here because I talk about it everywhere else but I am in a band; a rap group I suppose. Being in a band means sometimes you hang out with and play shows with other bands. People in bands can often be funny and fun to hang out with. One band I played a show with is called Islands and they are fronted by Nick Diamonds who is funny and fun to hang out with. Islands dropped a record called Vapours this year. Do yourself or a friend a favor and buy their record here for the holidays.

I asked a bunch of our buds, including Nick, to make a top 5 list of whatever they feel like and was lucky enough to get some cool stuff returned to me in my GMAIL inbox. ( Over the next few days we'll have Top 5 lists coming in from our buds, starting with Nick from Islands. Without further adieu, here is Nick Diamonds from Islands Top 5 List of Lists:

5. Franz Lizt

4. FBI Most Wanted

3. Year-end Best of Lists

2. Craigslist (subcategory: missed connections)

1. The list of potential symptoms to undiagnosed diseases I may potentially have at

Honourable Mention: Schindler's List

Islands had toured with Gordon Gartrelle contributor and famed rapper DESPOT. You'll often find him jumping on stage to rap over their song "Whalebone". You'll also often find him drinking a Tecate and throwing cereal boxes out of windows in the Winter. That may be a one time thing. Saturday was fun. Here's proof of Nick and Despot being bros:

Here is DESPOT's list of "Top 5 Opening Rap Verse Lines That Popped Into my Head Right at This Moment Because I Know There Are Some Better Ones but I Don't Want to Think About It."

5. "First off, I don't even LIKE this beat" : Lil Wayne

4. "Ayo we light a candle, run laps around the english channel" : Noreaga

3. "Peep the second part, yo" : Noreaga

2. "Ray Charles, is gay yall" : Camu Tao


1. "My name is Huggy Bear I get thrown outta parties" : Huggy Bear

Stay tuned for our own GORDIES + more from our cool friends!


KOOL A.D. said...

neptunes i got a cockerspaniel

Hima said...

LSD- Not to change the subject entirely, but can you explain “Light a candle, run laps
around the English Channel, Neptunes’ got a cocker spaniel”?
N- Well, when you light a candle, that’s saluting your dead peoples. Light a Candle.
And then, what’s the English Channel? It’s a big pool of water and it’s overseas.So I’m
trying to say that when I light a candle I’m that strong that I can run laps around the
English Channel. And Neptunes [producers featured prominently on Noreaga’s two solo
albums] have a cocker spaniel. ‘Cause they homo.
LSD- Oh. All right.
N- Neptunes is homo. You won’t hear another Neptunes track again on Noreaga again in
your life. I didn’t know that they hand was broken. [makes limp-wristed gesture]
LSD- Is this a recent discovery?
N- It’s a recent discovery after the “Oh No” video. After money had the tight choker on
in that video. And we started asking questions, and people from Virginia started telling
us that he’s a straight Flagrino. And he takes it up the ass. I cut him off.
LSD- Even though the beats–
N- Fuck the beats! [laughter]
I can’t fuck with nobody that Mohammed used to throw off the hill. You know,
Mohammed used to take all the homo niggas in the village, and he’d take ‘em to the top
of the hill and he tricked them. He’d tell ‘em ‘Yo, jump down there’, and when they’d
jump down there, they killed they self. We don’t fuck with homo. I like lesbians,
though. I’ma stand up–I like lesbians and dykes. If you’re lesbian and dyke you’re okay
to me, but if you’re a homo, I don’t even like you.

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