Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Minorityfest 2009 was a great success. Thanks you to everyone who came, participants and audience alike. Also, Glasslands for being awesome and letting us do this. Here are some photos by the homie Jason Lalor (video(s) coming soon!). Click to enlarge, DUH!:

POPO doing their thing
Tecla doing her thing.
Gordon Voidwell doing his thing.
Victor, Baron and unidentified third-party who was dancing, so she's cool.
Kumail telling a story about wack John Mayer. Peep this Perez Hilton post.
Hima..performing? Indeed.
Baron Vaughn transcending space and time.
Baron Vaughn performing. Baron looks vaguely Indian, no?
Ali Wong performing. Blue shirt is loving it. Victor looking debonair.
Victor Varnado performing.
Hari Kondabolu performing.
Peep the stand-up set-up at Glasslands.
Sheng Wang performing.
Victor Vazquez, Julianne Escobedo-Sheperd and Julianne's friend whose name I can't believe I forgot. (EDIT: Julianne has informed me it is Judnik. Sorry, Judnik!)
Sam Han and Willy Friedman. No photos, please.
Victor Varnado
Dallas Penn, Victor Varnado and Jay Smooth during the panel.

Victor and Ashraf. Spanish Broads.
This one's my own. My brother talking to GG blogger Despot.
Ashok Kondabolu (me) and Himanshu Suri moderating the panel.


Toast said...

Har - nice scarf Hari. For real though, bummed to miss this, looks awesome.

Lakutis said...

damn man. that looks mad fun

boobs said...

this looked like it sucked.

CF Edley said...

yeah, i'm with booby. looks like a bunch of fucking fig-eaters at a godfucking fig-feast to me. get a lute or a zither or both, bishes.

Breezy said...

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