Thursday, December 31, 2009

A visit from Kate: Happy New Year y'all

I'm gonna get in just under the gun here. End of year lists are so enticing to read, but so subjective, so crazy. Top 50 songs of the year? Who are you? Get out of town! So I thought long and hard and I feel I can only speak to the areas of culture where I humbly consider myself to be an expert, which limits me to :
  • a) facts about the large hadron collider
  • b) things I ran into while riding a motorized scooter on my family vacation
  • c) animals doing people things
Since I only ran into 1-2 things (car/lady with a prosthetic leg) before I wasn't allowed to ride the scooter anymore, and I don't feel like writing a lot of words, here are my top 5 pictures of educated animals. I heard 2009 was teach your pets to read year.
While I've been catching up on midwestern activities like collecting body piercings, getting drunk and breaking dishes, and eating deep fried grilled cheese sandwiches, I haven't forgotten my blogging duties. Look out soon for posts on guinea pigs, Mr. T, dinosaur porn, and celebrities with cats, and that's just for starters! Happy birthday 2010. We're going to be very happy together, or else.


boobs said...

youve just posted 8 of my new tattoos

Mooner said...

Bob can we please get matching ones of the last pic? That tiger has a great ass

Rizzla said...

my boss got into this too so i didn't get in trouble for squealing like a toddler at the reading animals.

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