Thursday, October 1, 2009


While trying to find a picture of a woman in a turban, I stumbled upon this fantastic old-skool website that was updated as recently as a week ago. The guy collects pictures of women wearing headscarves in various styles. I'll let him do the talking though: "This site was first conceived early in 2000. I had developed quite a fascination with women wearing headscarves, mainly as a result of dating several girls who were into "the look" (it's cold and windy around here) and after seeing some of the pioneering sites like the Scarf Web Site and the Scarf Fashion Site I thought about building my own website. It would have nothing to do with nudity, bondage or anything of the sort. There's abundant place on the Web for those things, but my site would have just been a celebration of fashion, glamour, the allure of the headscarf-wearing woman."

There's even an alphabetized videocapture section of celebrities wearing headscarves with the screen times indicated. Nice. Interview HOPEFULLY coming soon.

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shea said...

i have been doing the turban/hardwrap thing for about a year and a half now, do you just want a collection of me hanging out in brooklyn? considering i started the trend on my own while living in asia, i deserve some damn credit. haha

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