Thursday, December 24, 2009


okay so I guess us Gordheads are doing our oblogatory (i get extra points for that one) year-end best-of lists, because if we don't, then we'll be immediately ejected out of the blogosphere, and sent into the greater internet void that lies beyond (the farmville-osphere). So I now submit for the approval of the Permanent Midnight Society:

The 2009 Gordies for The Top Best Internet Youtubes of the Year of 2009, in IMAX 3D

(note: it's irrelevant whether the youtubes were produced or released in 2009 – it's that they were thrown up on GG this year. We outlive time, yo.)

• Best Youtube I Just Posted:
David Byrne Interviews David Byrne

Runner Up: Cecco Beppe (the thing with the futurist scratch-n-sniff cat)

• Best Youtube I Posted That Still Has An Absurdly Low View Count:
Dagsrevyen (description: "Music video, it is a murder ballad")

Runner Up: Eggroll on NY Public Access, 1987. Also James Brown's Japanese Miso Soup commercial.

• Best Music Video Only On Youtube:
Glitter Grit by Sharkula

Runner Up: The Passenger by a bunch of Dutch preteen girls

• Best Youtube I Posted That Someone Already Posted:
the She's Gone video by Hall n'f'n Oates [originally upped by heemz]

Runner Up: Hah! I only did this once! So far.

• Best Youtube I Totally Forgot to Post:
Andrew WK does the local weather

Runner Up: Robocop steals a Korean family's "fried chicken"

• Best Youtube Someone Else on GG Posted:
Floating Dog [via dap]

Runner Up: Highlights from Wildwood, NJ [VIA DAP AGAIN]

• Best Youtube Posted First on Everything Is Terrible:
Cat Massage

Runner Up: Don't Talk to Strangers singalong 4 kidz!

• Still the Best Youtube of All Time:
Toby y Sheila (the beagle and the duck)

Runner Up: Let's Paint, Exercise, & Blend Drinks! all at once.

And in the technical categories:
• Best Interview (between two different people):
Dallas Penn and the Tron Guy on the Tron Economy.

• Best Concert Ever:
James Brown, Michael Jackson, and Prince

• Best Music Video (that was somehow released somewhere other than youtube):
Don't Cry by Guns n' Roses.

• Best Training Video:

• Best Youtube Under 20 seconds:
TIE BETWEEN Arnold and Verhooven's DVD Commentary AND Four Seconds in the Life of Jordan Fish

That's it! Thanks for tuning in.


Anonymous said...


KOOL A.D. said...

you should have called it the "boobies"

also, really big fan of robocop stealing the fried chicken.


boobs said...

"The prospective groom is the son of Sandra Luciano of Gaylord, Mich."

Also yeah, that robocop shit is way funnier than the winner. I dunno, last minute anglocism got the best of me I guess.

which is why it totally shoulda been called the b(o)(o)bies.

[wv: minsdel]

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