Wednesday, December 16, 2009

From the Annals of the Flinternet...ROBO-GROUSE

This clip shows the male Greater Sage-Grouse, a bird native to North America, making a display in an attempt to attract mates. This species of game bird is noted for its bizarre sexual dimorphism, and the male's mating ritual is a prime example of this. The act involves him puffing up sacks on his chest and making a warbling sound. He looks like an asshole.

But don't worry. Scientists are on the case. They have created a robot grouse babe to film these ponces and their moob dance in order to, one can only assume, later embarrass or bribe the male grouses (grice?). Here is a glimpse of the mechanical grouse impostor/hussy, along with some of the footage she captured. Check out the super realistic looking robo-grouse head moving action around minute 1:20:

This looks like the intro to the best snuff film ever!

Also, what's a lek?

Also, grice aretarded.

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