Friday, December 4, 2009


I just had a dream I was in a huge Walmart-like structure with a couple of hippies in this small annex section when a garage door-like structure closed behind us and locked us in. There was a strange dream-montage that followed that indicated that a maniac who worked in the store locked us all in for thirty years. He would slip us food and newspapers and occasionally other things but we never left the room. The montage ended with the day that the door was finally opened. Everybody looked pretty much the same thirty years later except some people weren't wearing the hippie clothes anymore. There was press everywhere and we started talking to people about how awful it was. I remember I started crying but then started eating samosas from an oven in a small kitchen with a filthy, sticky floor. At one point I started arguing with the guy who locked us in, but I wasn't really very angry. I threw a plastic cup filled with ketchup at him but he knocked it back and it landed on the ugly blue velvet hippie shirt I was wearing. I ran back into the kitchen and lay on the floor in the fetal position, right before I woke up.

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