Thursday, December 10, 2009

CF Edley jump the beautiful lovesong and Sam Cooke covers

I hope everyone's getting hardup wet for Minorityfest 2009. Here in rainy California I like the internet. And some beautiful tracks come across on yotub. I guess without further ado:

So I don't really know about Carl Graves, or this track, Baby Hang Up The Phone, but I like to think of the intro looped, it would be a bonk junks intro beat for Das Racisdini, the upcoming companion release to Ghost's newest effort:

Moreover, it carries this post into reggae territory. It's almost inevitable that a lambsbreath-blind rhythm section and slightly off-key melodic interpretation will take an American track and give it some soul-scouring dysentery. Lloyd Parks' version does just that:

And ends with a couple minutes of silence. Which is always a hot internet move.

This one by Carlton & The Shoes, which is an amazing accidental typo name (Originally Carlton & The Shades), is kinda my new swervy fave. It really gets really amazing, in large part from the backing vocals by doods who later formed The Abbysinians, seminal vocal group. But this is a real swoony kinda sad song. Get in past your junk and stare out to sea:

I know this is a lot of stuff. But I gotta keep going.
These Ken Parker Sam Cooke covers are terrible hot. Especially the second, Change Gonna Come. His vocals are devastating. Sliding high notes so lovely. And the first cover, I'm pretty much in love with his voice and the really really lazy drumming. Slurp up the sound quality:

Ooooooofff in the nutz:

Bonk junks


museum of the everyday said...

lovely listening- thanks from me and ike, over whiskey/gingerbeers.

CF Edley said...

awww Pennie doodoo and Ike i loves yous guys!

Anonymous said...

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Bena said...

ladies love love songs.

see for example (c.f.):



CF Edley said...

coupla things, not to comment on my own post a million nor nothing bonk junks, but:
1: I'm super pumped that someone in Asia is reading up on GG cuz that makes us (me) feel like the internets, all warm and fuzzy and drunk.
2: Bena, who are you? Cuz, that first cut is amazing, and the second is Sudanese. And I love nothing more than amazing and Sudan. So I guess what I'm tryna say is, wanna bonk junks?

CF Edley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bena said...

sorry, i be on the road so little time for internets but i did want to jump on that interconnected tip to offer this multiculti bit from the youtube:

thanks for asking who i be. i come from a distant cluster of stars (same as, proud to say) to poach on the internets for love and liberation making. so yes we can bonks junks, you and me and 放棄.

CF Edley said...

wait, so Jersey or Queens? Thanks for that Paul Simon link. Led me down a rabbit hole.

boobs said...

KC, chief?

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