Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I just had a series of a two interconnected dreams. In the first dream I was walking around an insanely terrifying and dilapidated neighborhood with my dude Lonny that vaguely resembled Canarsie. Lonny kept informing me that it was "Church Ave." As we're walking around (there were fiends and homeless people everywhere) we ran into an old white man in a tweed blazer (the tweed blazer is exactly the same as the one on the chair behind me that somebody lent me) started harassing me until I started kicking him in the ribs over and over again and ran away. It suddenly became day, I was alone in the "same place" but it no longer resembled anything from the night before and was actually quite beautiful. I was part of a gigantic film crew who were filming explosions across the predawn sky. At one point I started hearing screaming and the faint image of an airship (somewhat shaped like a cartoon fish) started appearing in the night sky. All of a sudden it exploded and huge chunks of it (which for some reason were made of concrete) started hurtling and rolling down the main avenues, crushing cars and destroying buildings. The next part of the dream is very hazy but I ended up at Madison Square Garden. I was part of some crazy refugee camp that was lying on the court and when I woke up I saw the rapper Common (who was like 7 feet tall) dribbling a basketball and running with another dude (both in Knicks uniforms) to practice. I said "WADDUP MAN" and he ignored me (even though in the dream I knew him well?) and I was pretty angry.

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