Saturday, August 8, 2009


This is the best movie ending I've seen in a minute. Incredibly awkward and creepy, like when half of the people on this blog try to connect with you in real life.

In other news, I got zooted in the daytime for the first time in ages, which led to me walking around aimlessly in Queens for like 3 hours, which was awesome and which I will totally do all the time again. On top of that, on the way back I found this AM New York which made the adventure completely worth it. This is a sad story, but I'm putting it up here because of the 'Area/Local Man' jokes me, Heems and our boy Mike used to make years ago. Local man found drunk and high was like, the best one.

Finally, the number six stunner W. Kamau Bell is coming to New York to do a bunch of shows and other awesome stuff (including an Untitled Kondabolu Brothers Experiment soon The show has been postponed). Click the picture below and check out the NYC Fringe Festival shows listed.

Also, peep this SF Weekly cover that was all over San Francisco when I went 6 weeks ago. They photoshopped Sharpie all over Kamau's face. Suspect.


boobs said...

Yo That's Marlon Jackson! [name of my new TV show]

wikipedo mentions nothing about his career as a tooth-driven actor (though I would imagine the same skills apply in his current profession as a SoCal real estate agent)

oh shit, imdeebs sez that the movie is called Student Confidential (Troma release!) and from the looks of the poster (, Marlon plays not only the token black guy, but the token nerd too! Toofer!

boobs said...

also apparently the movie stars Eric Douglas, Kirk's youngest and Michael's halfie. Just wanted to confirm that the movie is total schlock.

boobs said...

Also Marlon had an identical twin brother Brandon that was a stillborn!

Idea for episode of Sliders: Alternate world where there was a Jackson 6!!!

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