Monday, August 3, 2009

\\\music - pill - trap goin ham

Here's what the Times has to say about Pill's joint Trap Goin' Ham:

“It’s goin’ ham sandwich/Sausage baloney meat,” Pill raps, running with the extended food imagery. (“Ham” means crazy.) “We got them yams, dammit/So pull up on the street.” With nervous synths echoing Young Jeezy’s “Trap or Die” and a yelping sample from “Drop” by the Pharcyde cycling throughout, “Trap Goin’ Ham” was one of the standout tracks on Pill’s mixtape “4180: The Prescription,” released in January with DJ Burn One.

And with that little excerpt alone you can see why I give a shit about this rapper dood. Furthermore, here's a picture of him at a Fader party. Tell me this aint reminiscent of a young h-man.

Here's the video for Pill's joint Trap Goin Ham.

Pill - Trap Goin Ham from Motion Family on Vimeo.

VIVID HOOD IMAGERY. Dude gets hella Fader love. Here he is rapping in front of a cool green screen:

FADER TV: Where in the World is Pill
by thefader


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vzlz said...

That's actually Drop from a Beastie Boys song, sampled by Pharcyde

Btw my security code was rewilin'

Guess I'm rewilin on this one

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