Monday, August 24, 2009

\\\\\ Larry Bird Says N-Word and the Best of People Losing Their Shit in the Comments Thread of Larry Bird Says N-Word

ok o.k. okay. where to begin with this one. 2008 was a crazy year, am i right? in 2008 I was really fond of spreading the rumor that larry bird said the n-word. i dont know why i thought it was funny. it seemed very plausible to me. still does. there was a solid year in college where i thought being a pathological liar about anything was a good look. slowly i started lying about important things without even realizing it and thats when i had to cut that out. so peep how i would bust it:

"yo, you seen the youtube where larry bird says the n-word? unreal dog."

and those who remembered would go home and youtube search "larry bird says n-word" to no avail. that is until my crafty bud and friendship-rap partner KOOL A.D. decided to put the following youtube up on June 22, 2008, a day that should be remembered by races and racists across the globe:

even i was fooled at first. i saw the youtube at work where i have no speakers so i assumed there was a vocal track behind it and was blown away until i went home. a friend or two reacted as if it was real in the youtoob comments stream (shoutout ryder fleming-jones and big bubba bran). THEN...

THEN, the comments really started flooding in.

Bassman5123 said "Even if he had, I'd say he earned it. I'm sure many ex-NBA players consider him a nigga and will vouch for him.... Only a geeky black kid, or a stupid black bitch would question Larry's use of the word nigger!"

JamesColvent, a true all-star of the comment thread for this youtube chimed in with his thoughts: "I've found that most blacks suck in basketball. That's all blacks do is play basketball and not much else in sports, they should be better whites excel in nearly all sports. I've been beating blacks in ball forever now, and I LOVE it! They are so 1 demensional, drive in for lay ups, post up, no shooting skills, can't pass for shit, selfish, beating blacks is like shooting fish in a barrel if you're white and milti faceted and skilled....Larry scorched thousands of niggas, so did McHale!!!"


A couple of folks chimed in with their "HE DIDNT SAY ANYTHINGS" and a couple people said "wow I can't believe what I just heard!"

Some people weren't too happy with JamesColvent but he defended himself -
"If you act right and worthy of respect, you get treated right and get respected. Should I respect some thug drug dealing inner city piece of shit? Hell no I won't and not because he's black becase he's a loser bitch. Stop kissing their asses with your sissy do-gooder attitude and beat them and get respect."


Apparently our hero JamesColvent, defender of all things Bird, is nice with the rock:
"I've been beating blacks in ball for years man, blacks suck. They are one dimentional selfish showoffs who can only drive and handle sometimes, can't shoot for shit. I OWN any blacks I play, and they all know it too."

Because he types with such conviction, i believe him. I really do.

DABUSDRIVA92 chimes in with a good point though:
"You really think all Black people are how you describe them? One-dimensional? What about Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan. In all sports you can argue that a Black man was the best to play it. Baseball: Hank Aaron, Football: Emmet Smith, Jerry Rice, Warren Moone. Black people are the most athletic people in the world. That is also a fact."

then some hippie named FIGHTINGFORFREEDOM23 is still stuck on the fact that Bird didn't say anything. He's pissed off the positive vibes of are being ruined!

"What the hell, Bird didnt say anything, the only people I see saying anything are the people here writing on this video. All this bickering about race is really sucking any positive energy we might have right out of us, and channeling it into shit like this. The sooner we can embrace what divides us, instead of letting it divide us, the sooner we can move on and actually become someone enlightened. Its 2009 already, I mean what the hell, we must move on, because divided we will surely fall!"


About 3 months ago our hero Colvent chimes in with some more valid points.
"Warren Moon? O lord. Best Basketball players Bird, Stockton, Maravich and West....

How many black decatheletes you see?

Who has the most gold medals ever, Phelps..Who has the highest verticles in the world? Volleyball players mostly ALL WHITE. Wake up and stop nigger worshiping."

NW is a harsh accusation but I think DABUSDRIVA92 might be guilty as charged in this case.

xdigdugx123, a family man, chimes in with more support for bird: "alot of niggers would welcome bird in their family."

as does commenter Pablo Coon, who's clearly taken a class or two in race theory at Bard:
"Good for him. PC idiots eat my shit. Black people call each other Niggers every day, a white guy says it and he's ostracized, it's total hypocrisy. LARRY, Larry, Larry!"

About 2 months ago when I lost faith in JamesColvent, he comes back out of the blue with this gem:

"What are you a black loving fagboy?"

Wasn't that a band? Black Loving Fagboy?

And as of 23 hours ago we have a few more "I can't find this ANYWHERE online. I think it's total BS" and "what's the purpose of this? it's just a damn picture!" comments.

Some more color on our boy JamesColvent though. Here's one of his favorite videos on Youtube:

James left a comment on this video:
"Dude it's about time a white dude plays rock music when showing highlights playing basketball. You'd fit in nicely with my squad! Way to keep it real Matt!!"

I wonder what kind of rock music James Colvent likes. Wait, here's another of his favorite videos!!!! Who could forget Demon Hunter's classic jawn in the New Romantics style - "Fading Away"

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