Monday, August 31, 2009

\\\\ professor murder 2

professor murder was a band. i once saw them open for girl talk at mercury lounge when girl talk would play a venue as small as mercury lounge. shit was dope. i remember seeing their lead singer outside the venue and noting his ALLEY MAN STEEZ. alley man steez refers to a dude who's dressed in the clothes of an alley man - plain black baseball cap, black t-shirt, jeans, sneakers - and looks like he's up to no good doing what alley people do in alleys. (see: brandon ruben). anyway, they killed it. it was an energetic set. people danced. it was dub, it was rock, it was hip-hop, it was fun.

yo ALSO, professor murder put me on to melodicas. i had no idea about that amazing, amazing instrument until I seen them play one. ALSO i think they never played outside of NY which I respect hell of much for some reason?

ANYWAY, after some human capital shifting, professor murder's been brought back to life in the new project RESTLESS PEOPLE which includes members of Tanlines (one of whom was in the original PM line-up) and Newborn Huskies.

Head over here to peep a new jawn by Restless People

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