Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Friend of GG White Bran sent me this article concerning a dude named Joachim Crima – who has adopted the Russian name Vasily Ivanovich – running for a district seat on the Municipal Council in the southern Volgograd region. My name is Ashok but I go by the name Todd Apples. Especially intriguing are Crima's campaign promises. "I want to make the lives of people who I consider my compatriots better. I am ready to work from morning until evening to resolve their problems," he told Russian news service Ria Novisti. "In other words, I am ready to toil like a Negro." Yikes.

"A black person has never held office in Russia and very few have ever run."

In other news, doesn't the old Pay-O-Matic logo look exactly like a frowning, one-tear shedding man, perhaps cashing his check for some drug money? How could they not have noticed this?

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