Wednesday, September 2, 2009

\\\\\ gordon gartrelle loves oj da juiceman

At Gordon Gartrelle, we're not about the trends. We're not about the breaking news. We're not about the leaks of the new musics. We don't fuck with getting you the latest of anything on the internet. We dont give a fuck about late passes. More often than not we'll post about some shit that's been around for a while but maybe you weren't up on. We're about what we like...... and we like OJ da Juiceman.

In the year 2011 an epic battle will take place. Blood will be shed. Tears. The shreeks of mothers will be heard. Cars will explode. Call it "Battle of the Ays" or perhaps "Battle of the Adlibs" or whatever you will, but whatever you call it you will describe it as "epic". This is for sure. Young juiceman will be involved. Juelz Santana will be involved. Young Jeezy will be involved. You'll have to google "Juiceman Santana Jeezy" if you want to find out about it on the google.

In the end, one man will emerge as the rightful owner of the coveted Ay adlib. It won't be Juelz, with his quick and easy AY!s. Jeezy will come close, with his drawn out "ayyyyyyyyyyyyy"s, but not close enough. In the end one, one man will emerge as the rightful owner of the coveted Ay adlib: OJ da Juiceman.

Here's a music video I enjoy more than I should:

Here's a very stoned juiceman being questioned by some funny ladies on drugs and stuff.

Here's a video for She Got a Friend by Gucci Mane (Oj's mentor, lightweight) and Juelz and Big Boi. Peep OJ and Gucci just, you know, having a good time in this car being so icey.

And finally here's an interview everyone's favorite bug-eyed little-man rapper did with the fader.

Finally, Saied just put me on to OJ da Juiceman's XXL blog, and it does not disappoint. For example, this is what the So Icey Entertainment artist had to say on Monday:

AYE AYE AYE WELL OK DAMN BURR!! What up! First, let me tell ya’ll that ya boy don’t wake up early…ever. My eyes don’t blink til like 3pm…unless it’s the money calling. Well ok!

Today is pretty basic for the boy. Just fed the dogs. I have two pit bulls, Killer and Bruiser. They’ll put the business on yo ass too! Sitting here in my beautiful backyard right now, letting the dogs run around. I’m hittin the studio later. Gonna go knock out a few bangers. Working on the mixtape, Alaska in Atlanta, and my new CD, The Otis Williams, Jr Story – they both go real hard, no homo!

Got a few things to do around the house before I step out. Just bought a new home. BRAND new! First one living in it and I’m building it the way I want it. Rich nigga shit! Aye aye aye well damn aye aye ok! I’m outta here like last year!


YES. Also, Alaska in Atlanta is a dope name for a mixtape. Cuz they're so ICEY. get it?

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Jerm said...

I think Alaska is more reference to snow... As OJ seems so fond of the trap rap...

as a sidenote: in dancehall 'Alaska' refers to extremely good weed... They've been using the term since the 80s, there's even a sound system with the name...

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