Monday, March 30, 2009

\\\music: (the) tony castles

holy shit.

okay. Paul Sicilian and Gabriel Wurzel (Muggabears) are two of my homie Dylan Rau's (Bear Hands) old buds from CT. They're very talented. Paul's always played the most amazing songs on acoustic with this beautiful (no homezies!) voice in the most genuine, oh this little talent?, type of way and i love them. i've waited 2 years now? for dude to put a band together. Along with Willie Miesmer (Boogie Boarders) the three recently formed (The) Tony Castles. It's beautiful rock music. It's spastic. It's lo-fi. It's heart melting. something about hope and despair. Paul's voice is beautiful. Paul is beautiful. Gaby is beautiful. I don't know Willie but that dood's prolly beautiful too.

Go here and listen to all three of these songs:

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