Tuesday, March 31, 2009

\\\venket built a 6 foot glass tank for his frontosas

my friend ryder's recently become obsessed with fish tanks. i dont think he's going to get one anymore though he's spent the last 4 months or so acquainting himself with everything about fish tanks via the wealth of message boards there apparently are that are devoted to... fish tanks. ("aquariums" if you want to be fancy about... fish tanks.) i wont include the funny race joke ryder made to accompany sending me this link which is a huge race joke anyway. i can tell you the joke was funny though.

my favorite part of this is the whole thing. ryders is the fact that they "say the names of all the cats in the pics." for a brief moment i thought cats were involved and got excited. here are some choice photos from the photo essay "building a glass aquarium tank" which we at gordon gartrelle call "venket built a 6 foot glass tank for his frontosas." link to the photo essay and some message boards so you can aquaint yourself with the wacky world of aquariums at the bottom:

here's nagaraj laying the bottom glass on the floor. as ravi chandran ponders: "is venket taking a big chance with his new tank? we'll soon see..." i just like the textile.

ravi warns how dangerous this business is:

this was a big step, nagaraj brings the side piece:

"now check the otherside edge too."

not sure why ravi chandran thought it was crucial to include like 400 pictures of this but if you feel the need to see more, head here:

For more info on aquariums, head to www.reefcentral.com or www.manhattanreefs.com.

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Dap said...

this is the most confusing gordon gartrelle post of all time. everything about this has left me feeling uncomfortable and upset i woke up this morning.

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