Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This is my new all-time fave celebrity endorsement. My brother played me this one from a show he did at U. Wisconsin. Some lightweight analysis:

During this scene Pippen says "This is one six footer I can't handle one-on-one. Ladies, let's party" He comes off sounding both a)very gay b)like a bisexual deviant who likes to engage in threeways. Both of those things would be completely cool if it weren't for homeboy's way of uncomfortably turning his head while acting. It's not really his fault, there's an insanely phallic sandwich standing in the middle of a court, along with a nice white/black cheerleader combo. Also, I love the way he dribbles up to the sandwich, then briefly pauses to admire it. Very respectful. Overall a very 'Rick James' approach to eating a gigantic sandwich.

I always thought I wanted to be rich and famous, but if it involves women staring at me every time I want to eat a sandwich, forget it. After the 'party' line you'd expect the next scene to be at a club with cocaine and flashing lights, instead, this indoor picnic. Also, Scottie Pippen was a millionaire and the second best player on the Bulls at that time. It looks like the guy made him sit down mid-court on a high school gym floor for this commercial. Very egalitarian.
Final notes. 1) MR. SUBMARINE? REALLY? 2) The music is actually really good.

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