Monday, March 30, 2009

\\\couple tings

My unabashed hate for white-rapper who took a sociology class and thinks it qualifies him to make insane statements on race and black materialism, which he can't ever understand, Asher Roth is no secret. I received confirmation that Asher Roth knows he's a racist in a new song that surfaced recently - Larked on my Go Kart - in which he continues to rap about being a college stoner with nothing interesting to say. Roth dropped this gem:

Mario Kart skills are outrageous/
Play me any day and I'll be the best racist/
no erase it/ meant to say racer/
traded in my cell phone for a new pager/

I'd love to see stupid rapper Charles Hamilton beat stupid rapper Asher Roth in Sonic the Hedgehog, and then stupid rapper Asher Roth beat stupid rapper Charles Hamilton in Mario Kart, and then for them to write the stupidest song about it. My take on the two:

Charles Hamilton, spending hella guap on sweater vests/
From Old Navy, or games for Sega Genesis, that old baby/
Asher roth's minds blown cuz "blacks" wear plaid?/
Took a soc(sosh) class at emory and now he conscious rap?/

eh, its okay.

///the dream.
the best musician in the world is the dream. im glad i have 3 friends to co-sign this insane statement. like neyo, dude made his name writing great r&B songs for less talented people than him. did you know that in addition to music, Dream is also an accomplished artist who has created many paintings and sculptures, some of which have been shown at various art galleries throughout Atlanta. He is now engaged to singer/songwriter Christina Milian." 2 more reasons to respect the man's grustle (a combination of grind and hustle, of course - (c) bran) . more reasons i like the dream...

Courtesy of first mp3 blog ever, Fluxblog, here's a song called Mr. Yeah by The Dream. I'd write more but Fluxblog dude sums up why this is awesome better than I can. I would have gone without the "He's barely even thinking about that.": Mr. Yeah

"For the first couple minutes of "Mr. Yeah," The-Dream sounds smooth and confident. Or, perhaps more accurately, smug and cocky. He’s singing to an ex who is still getting with him on the side, and from his perspective this means exactly one thing: Her subsequent boyfriends are fools, and he’s the only one who can do her right. Maybe that is true, but there has got to be a reason why he’s the ex, right? He’s barely even thinking about that. As the song progresses, his cockiness fades a bit, but only to be replaced by neediness — his resentment of her current man becomes more obvious, and he openly states his desire to return to full-time boyfriend status in a shaky but certain phone-voice. After that point, the song shifts from bouncy flirtation to sentimental slow jam, sort of the audio equivalent of seamlessly transitioning from a playful club strut to getting down on bended knee in a room decorated with candles and rose petals. Thankfully, The-Dream defuses the sudden seriousness of the song’s conclusion with a boyish punchline: "Can we fuck now?" "

Here's Rocking That Thang which I've now watched the video for about 36 times. If I was 13 I would request this on the radio. If I was 13 I'd also still be upset my homegirl Amy called me to tell me Biggie died.

And here's a song about dusting off his old R. Kelly 12 Play cd to play while twisting a shorty out.
Lyrics include: "we gon come up off that bed, push up to the dresser/ yeah, yeah/ got her all up on my cd player/ skip, skip, skip skip skip skip skip skip/ back to seven yeah"

///greedhead (on materialism). thinkin bout copping this to make Real people music:

I also have an exclusive "go ahead" to leak a couple of tunes from a Swiss artist I'm told is off the chains by a reliable source but I haven't peeped the tunes yet. Not actually looking at or reading or listening to something a trusted friend recommends I put up on my blog is what this blog is built off of so we'll see how bored I get around 5 PM and whether or not I post them.


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Mooner said...

If I'm not already included in those three who agree The-Dream is the shit, add me to that mofuggin list. Killin' it.

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