Tuesday, March 24, 2009

\\\Music: African Connection Mix from Italians Do It Better's Mike Simonetti

"Since I have some downtime this month and Ifinally got the studio together (after a year)i decided to do a mix. This one is called AfricanConnection and it is mostly African disco lps and 45's mixed with some Caribbean and Jamaican tunes in there for good measure. no real mixinghere, just kicking back and fading in and out for maximum early Spring vibes, so dont expecta dj spectacular here- its all about the selection. As a matter of fact, this mix wasdone while playing with the big man on the floor-- true multitasking. Anyone who can guess these tracks will get any three Italians releases of their choice. This one's gonna be a little tougher than the Albuterol mix!"


This one's for Chris Edley's birthday. WEB LOG SHOUTOUT.

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