Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Music: Koushik (Ghosh)

I previously posted on Koushik, along with Pyaasa and Atul Dodiya, but I feel like it's not enough. Plus some new songs have leaked. The album is available online at Stones Throw and they'll be dropping the hard copy September 30. You can pre-order it now, and you should.

Koushik Ghosh's music sounds like his labelmates Dilla and Madlib fucking My Bloody Valentine while Phil Spector watches and even directs a little. Hip-hop drums. Shoegaze vocals. 60's-pop inspired music. He released a record that blew my mind a few years back and has remained pretty recluse since. His shit feels like flying out of your window on a warm summer day. And the drums.. the drums.. the drums..

This whole phenomenon of sample-based non-rap music is pretty awesome to me. Anything made by cats that fuck with My Bloody Valentine and the Russian Futurists as much as Paul's Boutique and Dilla are okay in my book. Along with Koushik, who's Be With dropped prior to Person Pitch, I'd toss Panda Bear and El Guincho into this group.

Lying in the Sun, Courtesy of Stones Throw:

Bright and Shining, Courtesy of PassionWeiss.com*:
* Great blog.

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