Friday, August 15, 2008

Art: Ala Ebtekar + Siona Benjamin

Ala Ebtekar is an Iranian-American artist from Berkeley. Her art is highly influenced by Zoroastrian art, Mughal miniatures, and Hip-Hop. War is a frequent motif as well.

Flower # 5, 2002
Watercolor, acrylic, and ink on book page

The Invisible Fold, 2002
Acrylic, Gouache, Watercolor, and Ink on Book Pages
Morning Breeze, 2007
Acrylic, ink and opaque watercolor on book page

Ascension, 2007
Acrylic and ink on book pages mounted on canvas
When I saw Ala's work I remembered another artist I'm extremely fond of, Siona Benjamin. I'm actually shocked I didn't start the blog by posting on her work. Siona's art, like Ala's, is influenced by Mughal miniatures. Though beyond this stylistic foundation, the work is heavily influenced by her interesting background: a Sephardic Jew from India, a land dominated by Hindus and Muslims. There are also elements of Tantric art here. This like my favorite shit. JUST PEEP IT:

These newer pieces are bananas:

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