Monday, August 11, 2008

Music: Grizzly Bear + Beach House + Chairlift

Grizzly Bear is awesome. I saw Ed Droste on the street yesterday. I saw them play with Beach House one time. Beach House are also awesome. Beach House will release their first 7" single on October 21. It will be called "Used to Be". This polaroid accompanies it. This polaroid is cool.

Grizzly Bear are on tour with Radiohead. Radiohead kick ass. They're playing new music on their tour. They've played two of their awesome new songs on TV in the last month or two. Daniel Rossen is in Grizzly Bear. He made a cool cover of a song by JoJo for Ed Droste's birthday once. Both of them write songs. Daniel Rossen also writes songs for his side-project which is almost as good as Grizzly Bear. It's called Department of Eagles. Check that out on your own.

2 Weeks is a new song that premiered on Letterman in the last few weeks. It's purdy.

While You Wait For the Others was the new song before 2 weeks became the new song. Also very purdy - but beyond purdy when Ed's vocals kick in.

Knife: A Takeaway Show. Bigup soundbwoy Dap for reminding me that I'm still not sick of this song. Maybe because it's one of the best songs ever.

Initially I thought this was unrelated. But then I remembered friends Chairlift are signed to Kanine Records. Kanine was the home of Grizzly Bear before they moved on up. Chairlift's Does You Inspire You was released July 22. It's real good. They are wrapping up opening for Ariel Pink on tour around the country. Chairlift are Caroline, Aaron, and Patrick. Go see these guys.

Here is a new video for "Planet Health". It's tone is reminiscent of Ariel Pink's videos. What's Planet Health though, dog? Planet Health is a place where "body-image has become a tyrannical philosophy" (NME):

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