Sunday, August 3, 2008

Photography: Sunil Gupta

My homie Sara'o put me onto Sunil Gupta as he's a big fan. I believe my friend Sarah showed me some of his stuff at some time ago as well. There's no way I could pick four or five pieces to do him justice. You should just visit his website, seriously. The first two pieces I posted are reminiscent of his style of juxtaposing images related to South Asia and the Western world.

(On a side note: Hey Western world, what it is? What it do? Write me back!)

"Sunil Gupta is an Indian-born Canadian photographer whose work has been the subject of numerous exhibits. Major themes of his work include migration, sexuality, health/illness and architecture, both monumental and quotidian."

More color on him at :

From "Imagining Childhood: Living with HIV in New Delhi"

From "'Pretended' Family Relationships":

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