Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Theatre: Animals Out of Paper

'Animals Out of Paper' is a play written by Rajiv Joseph and directed by Giovanna Sardelli. Rajiv Joseph got his MFA from NYU's Tisch School and has been "Writing since: I found out girls liked writers."

Ilana is very good at origami. Andy teaches calculus and is a big origami fan (a nerd). Andy asks Ilana to tutor Suresh. He's already a genius at origami and calculus. Suresh recently lost his mother in a car accident. "Suresh is an urban* teenager, addicted to his iPod and to the pose that allows him to call Ilana a bitch and suggest, metaphorically, that she perform fellatio on him." (NYT) Ilana and Andy are both kind of fucked up too. 'Animals Out of Paper' deals with happiness and hope. And origami.

*I'm a little worried about Suresh's "urban"-ness. In one photo I've seen, he wears a backwards hat!!! One review I read refers to him as "poseur-ish". Could this be a well-educated playwright from Cleveland, Ohio painting a stereotypical picture of New York's urban Indian youth. I haven't seen the play, but something tells me: "PROLLY".

Any one want to watch this with me to see if I'm offended by it?

"Animals Out of Paper" continues through Aug. 24 at the McGinn/Cazale Theater, 2162 Broadway, at 76th Street; (212) 246-4422, 2ST.com.

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