Monday, August 18, 2008

Music: Amazing Baby + VodkaTron Party

Amazing Baby is Simon O'Connor (ex-Stylofone, Wes '05 alum), Will Roan (ex-Lions & Tigers), and some other doods. I think Will Berman (ex-Stylofone, Standing Nudes, and MGMT, Wes '04 alum) is meant to play drums but is still on tour with MGMT. They've changed their lineup around a great deal for a young band.

I don't know of many bands that have went from forming to obsessed-over in like 3 months. Amazing Baby is one of these bands. I had the pleasure of witnessing their first show early in May of this year. By June they were profiled in Fader, Spin, Brooklyn Vegan, and RCRD LBL. Go over to their myspace and download all 4 of their songs, Infinite Fucking Cross EP, for free. They're all really good, though after being especially enamored with Supreme Being I'm now especially enamored with Pump Your Breaks and Head Dress. Several drunken sing-alongs have already popped off to Pump Your Breaks:

On to my own shit: Das Racist. We're playing our first NY show at Public Assembly (formerly Galapagos) in Williamsburg. More info to follow but peep the flier:

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