Thursday, October 8, 2009


This Yiddish news site busted open this story just yesterday in Bushwick (Wallabout St. and Throop Av.). I'm including the file photo.

Williamsburg, NY - Chasidic Man Mugged On Yom Tov For His Shtreimel

The victim was walking from synagogue at around 9:30 pm and was near Wallabout Street and Throop Avenue when two young men approached him from behind. One of them lifted the man’s shtreimel, a fur hat with a $1,200 price tag, then both ran off.

Police are still searching for the suspects.

Wild shit. Check out this variety of comments:

"A fur hat with a 1200$ price tag. So he is a satmerer with the new takunes"

"I always said that the shtreimels r over priced but nobody does anythng abt it they only complain wjhen the sheitel prices r up. Hey a thought maynbe it was made from avoda zara fur"

"They can use it Chas vsholom to look chassidic and enter an area for a pigua. Hashem Yishmareinu"

There are dozens more but this is my favorite:

"Paying a thousand bucks for a high-end shtreimel is a waste. No where does it say that we must follow the livush of our grandparents and pay obscene amounts to copy the headware of Polish nobility. Also, a goy might spend a hundred dollars on baseball hats but not a thousand. Finally, what does a Shtreimel have to do with a chassanah. Any girl who marries a bochur for his Shtremel is in need of serious help."


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"$1,000 for a shtreimel is expensive, but it lasts for so many years. My husband is wearing his for 10 years now, and it still looks pretty new. He takes care of it. It could easily last another 10 years for a total of 20 years (or more) - which would be an average of $50 a year. A goy could easily spend that much money a year on baseball caps and what-not. I don't see the problem, but I also don't have a problem if they make cheap synthetics, as long as they look nice enough for Shabbos and Yom Tov. And if it makes it easier for couples to get married, then I think synthetics are good for everyone."

Dap said...

"The first Shomrim Society was established in the New York City Police Department in 1924. Capt. Jacob Kaminsky was the first president. It is rumored that a comment made to a young Jewish officer going on patrol was the spark that started this fraternal and charitable organization. It was suggested that he might feel more at home with a salami, rather than a nightstick, under his arm. Well ,he kept his salami, his heritage and his police status. At that time only 1% of the department was Jewish."

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