Monday, October 26, 2009


Reuben: that night i dremt i was in training to join the builderberg group i was at some fancy airport, possibly Narita or LAX and was talking with a well dressed banker in the federal reserve over drinks at an airport bar still curious about the builderbergs, though in the dream i think i called them the buildingers i wanted in, i told him i was ready to do whatever it takes to become part of their secret society of white conservatives that control the universe we were planning on wiping out 75% of the population through bioengeneering various diseases such as the pig flu because at their last meeting they had decided it was their duty to take the population explosion into their own hands so as my hazing or training to join the group i had to do a job for them for a set amount of time my job involved working in a really fancy BMW showroom that was in the airport and what i had to do was lease and rent cars to really wealthy indian families red dot, not feathers except they seemed less indian and more like a bunch of persian jews because they were all really guido'd out and they would come to my dealership and it was like families of 20 people and we would all sit in a giant conference room and i would have to do meeting after meeting trying to tell them why the new BMW was the right car for them to drive during their stay in the area around whatever airport i was at after a certain amount of time i was to be evaluated on my performance and my application into the buildingers would then be considered except i was never up for consideration and my dream ended after hours and hours of renting cars to giant, affluent indian families. I guess the airport i was at had lots of direct flights to India this made me think of you and hima, because all the other indian people i:ve met in japan are boring

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