Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I had a dream I was having an argument with my sister about something in the middle of an ancient redwood forest and then we got into that cartoon car from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and drove down a giant hill that got steeper and steeper until it was vertical and then everything went black and there were flashing patterned lights and then we pulled into the Lake Merritt BART station where she said she had to go to class at Laney College and said bye and I went into a doorway and down a hallway to a place called the Japanese Underwater Museum, which was literally underwater, and I swam around looking at traditional Japanese woodblock prints.

I opened the emergency exit door and outside was a rocky plateau overlooking an ocean vista but the water did rush out of the door like it's supposed to, it just stayed there like a Jell-O mold or that one scene in The Abyss. I walked out and was like, "Where is this?" and this dude passing by who looked like either Kenny Rogers or the Gorton's fisherman but dressed like the Gorton's Fisherman said, "You're in Australia." I asked him if we were at the same latitude as El Salvador and he said that we were more south. His story checked out.

I noticed five dolphins lying on the rocks by the shore, which all simultaneously leapt into the water. Then I noticed a blonde 40-ish woman (who I figured was German, I don't know why) in a wetsuit with a bucket full of fish that she was throwing to the dolphins like she was at a water park. I climbed down the rocky plateau, sat on a rock that was mostly submerged in water and motioned with my hand to one of the dolphins with my hand as if I had some food to feed it. It swam over to me and I asked the German lady if it was cool to pet the dolphin. She said, "Yes, but be careful, they sometimes bite." She didn't have a German accent.

The dolphin kind nuzzled up to me in my lap and playfully bit at my hand. I noticed that the dolphin looked less like a dolphin and more like a beluga whale mixed with an elephant seal. Then all of a sudden I realized the dolphin was a naked woman and we were touching each other sensually.

Then the dolphin woman picked me up and we started flying around over the ocean, occasionally diving down into the water and popping back up. Everytime we dove down into the water I had the vague apprehension that a shark was right out of my line of sight and about to eat us, but then we'd zip back out of the water again and fly around. This continued for a while and then sort of blended seamlessly into some other part of the dream that I now forget.

In another part of the dream I was explaining the dream to bloggers Hima and Dap (a variation on the dreaming about blogging about dreaming motif I seem to have going) and a whole bunch of other shit happened but I can't quite remember. I think I was flying above a river for a while and/or river rafting... and there was some sort of standardized test I was taking I think? It was a really long dream.


PORTER said...

remember when you pulled the dolphin card from marissa's medicine cards right after i told you my dolphin dream? aaakkwarddd...

Anonymous said...

music video adaptation of this dream, obviously. e-particles. we're just reptiles [& dolphins, beluga whales, elephant seals, blow blow blow etc etc] we're just textiles, we're just part of the factory, actually

Dap said...

I was actually part of Andy Warhol's "factory" several decades ago (I am well over 400 years old, FYI) where I was known as 'Plastic Man' and rarely, if ever, wore clothes. Indoors or out. So yes, I know a thing or two about what we're all "talking" about. BTW, Andy's alive, he says hello. Not in English, or any Earth-based language, however.

yes said...

selkies and stuff. irish folklore, among others.

don't know about your water & air combo though.

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