Friday, October 23, 2009

\\\\ music note

couple things...

please check out the awesome tunes of GG contributor CF EDLEY here ----> SAFE
do so now --- before he blows up. then you can be cool to all your friends. he's like a 2009 black arthur russel, so make sure to describe him as such. or maybe as just like a 2009 arthur russel. then show your friends a picture of him but don't mention that he's a person of color, let it surprise them and play the cool guy by not seeing race. being the coolest looking guy alive should help him get famous as well.

here is our homie gordon voidwells mixtape which i have been bumping on repeat. at some point i wanted more enjoyable uptempo music and got sick of phoenix and just then will from GV dropped this 26 track mixtape that we been bumping non-stop at headquarters here (a dumpster). download it here ---> VOIDED CHECKS (VIA ILLROOTS) - cloud 9 vertigo is my jam as of late. its the 7th jam as of late i've had from this mixtape.

here are two new gems from weezy @jamesdewey put me on to. good timing as he gone. (to jail). feel like we finna hear a lot of dude and he gonna come out of jail like gucci (with a vengeance) - MISS INFOS BLOG AND TWO GOOD NEW WEEZY JAWNS

heres a band called sleigh bells ---> SLEIGH BELLS

finally, heres a swate toro y moi cover/remix of beach house -->

its early in the morning. i dont have work i guess. im finna blog a lot. cool.

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