Friday, September 18, 2009


Peep this 80's video dating montage. I've listed some choice quotes underneath.

  • "Executive by day, "HWHILD" man by night"
  • Bitch ass Mike who doesn't smoke - loser
  • Bath with champagne dude is terrifying
  • "Trendy girl with a simple smile"
  • "What I'm not looking for is some big overgrown monster that's always thinking about food"
  • "I'm looking for the goddess.." is alright
  • "No fattys, no hamsters, no dopers, no smokers, no alcoholics, no donna juanitas, no poseurs, no crazies,
  • "I'm currently involved in cleaning up toxic waste"
  • "I average about four hours of sleep"
  • "I'm interested in most phases of data processing" - AWESOME (Bob Weisz?)
Expect a Gordon Gartrelle dating video montage in the future, folks!


Kate said...

ohhh you beat me to it, nice work jerk

boobs said...

'Occupation: Body Designer'

boobs said...

starring Adam Sandler

KOOL A.D. said...

"hi mom"

Dap said...

fuck, knew I missed one. yeah that dude was the best. "the best" i mean...

jessi said...

"um one of my favorite foods, is pizza"

Breezy said...

dap yer kewl that was too swate. i loved it.

Also, "Weasel is one of the addicts whose voices make the film Montana Meth a disturbing yet compassionate look into Montana’s methamphetamine underworld." (

You need to show some love to Weas in a GG post.

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