Friday, September 4, 2009

Visitation Rights for CF Edley: Could this guy be Greek and a Promise

I been slacking. I need synchronicity. Not the old Police cut, but, like, divine shits. Huh.
Greece is having problems, again. Surprising everyone the current guy in charge has called for snap elections, which is really cool constitutionally and would make American politics much more fun and engaging. Jon Lynn sent this, knowing what he knows. Maybe it will make things better:

I was gonna research this guy, Iasos, but then thought, nah, prolly better a mystery that just seems Greek. Like "Greek salad" at the Turkish joint.

Secondly, I am planning/working on/not really doing anything about a post on some really terrible West German disco and the Finnish offshoot. It's got history, race-politics, taste-issues. Sparkling. That's a promise. It's confusing.

~~~ Okay, so I couldn't restrain myself from the "more videos from IaososIasos" tab:

"Listen, Pan, if you teach me your music, I'll be your west-coast representative." Gold. When I was in fourth grade we were reading ancient Greek myths and I asked my teacher if anyone still practiced that ol' time religion. No, was the answer. So fuck you, teacher.
And this. This is probably my favorite video now:

If only it were A LOT longer. And don't miss Iasos' sweetass website. Nice one.

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