Tuesday, September 8, 2009


i guess tis the season for GG dreamin, cuz last night i had another slumberbubble with you in it, victur. you were probably there for only like 60 seconds, but it was one of the most memorable parts. me and my pregnant girlfriend (i dont know who it was, kinda looked like clea duvall) were at a parking garage structure, but instead of driving one's car up and inside the thing, one would park it on this small square platform outside, which then gets launched – catapult-style – into a parking slot in the structure. you were our attendant, dressed in a dandy green uniform like an old hotel porter (circle hat and all), with a nametag that had some real whitey name on it like Wally. you came over to launch us but when you saw my gf's belly you were all "May I?" and she said yeah so you put your hand on it, then you put your ear to it, then you made a joke by pretending to look through her belly button like a peephole (we all laughed). then you asked me "Is it yours?" and i said yeah and then you go "Is this yours?" and pull out a bacon egg & cheese on a bagel, but instead of like sesame seeds on it, it has rainbow sprinkles. i said no thanks and you started eating it, then pulled a giant wile-e-coyote-style lever and launched us into the air.

that was the only part you were in, but later me and the g were at a mall kiosk getting an ultrasound (i know, right?), but instead of a fetus on the monitor it just showed a picture of that sandwich.


PORTER said...

this. is. the. next. boy. crisis. video. please.

boobs said...

you think we could get clea duvall? or actually someone who just looks kinda like her? so... david duchovny?

Dap said...

you got it you got it bad. who sang that again?

CF Edley said...

feeling a little left out here. but. you know. it's cool. booby, had a dream about you at a concert in space, was pretty good, dap, you were in it too. actually everyone was in it. oh man. i think i dream better in the daytime. oh man. that's sorry.

KOOL A.D. said...

"...when you're on the phone / hang up / and you call right back"


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