Wednesday, September 2, 2009

\\\\\\\ old video of dame dash shitting on def jam executives ////// rap and drugs

I thought this was a pretty popular video that hell of people had seen but I guess not as James, my fellow rap appreciator, said he never seen it. Here is the 2 part video of Dame Dash shitting all over Def Jam executives for calling a marketing meeting for Jay-Z without inviting anyone from Roc-A-Fella, Dame and Jay's imprint which is a subsidiary of Def Jams. I mentioned on Twitter that I recently met Dame Dash. He passed me an L, unsolicited. That right there is the move of a good man. More importantly, in the 2nd of these 2 videos Dame yells "You don't know shit about my culture" at Def Jam A&R Randy Acker. He's got a good point. It's no secret that Def Jam was after Jay-Z and wanted to secure him as their own artist for some time and this video sheds light on that "treacherous" situation. And eventually, as we all know, they succeeded.

You got white people marketing and selling black music to white people. Crazy. You also have slimy business men exploiting the art of young doodz who they could care less about.

I believe it was a band called Tribe Called Quest that once said "record company people are shady." True indeed. It was rule 4,080. Maybe it was "record label people are shady". I can't remember. The latter fits better but the Internet mostly says its the first. Man, Tribe was a good rap group.

Who would have known lethargic pothead rapper Fabolous was actually a mad funny dude? Peep his parody:

Also, as far as the Jay Dame situation goes I think this old Star/Bucwild video makes a lot of valid points. As if the video above doesn't do a good enough job of showing you how much Dame cared and how dick of a move Jay-z dropping him like a bad habit was.



Shifting topics, lightweight - I just mentioned how labels usually don't care much for the artists they sell, but more so the money they make. Nothing shocking there. Nothing groundbreaking. Though it did make me think about something. Recently I was speaking to some industry person who mentioned a certain lightweight well-known rapper having a pretty serious drug problem and another rapper, this one very well-known, with a drug problem and serious depression. This industry cat talked about how the label was going on and on about his release party ignoring the fact that dude was on the verge of ending it all because of how unstable the drugs he was fucking with left him. Then a couple of days later while watching a documentary on the bloods and crips, an ex-Crip said something I found interesting. Something to the effect of "You got guys with tons of money sitting around sniffing lines of the good shit all the while cutting it up with garbage and cooking it up to make crack for broke cats."

Rap music and drugs have been linked for some time. Take the 1983 hit "White Lines" into consideration. Originally a joint that celebrated getting busy on yack Melle Mel tossed in a DON'T DO IT to appease potential buyers and his label. (Sidebar - did you know Spike Lee as a student at NYU directed and Larry Fishburne was in an unofficial music video for White Lines?). Then you got gangster rap about selling drugs. Weed rap. Most recently you have Trap Rap and the success of Clipse, Jeezy, Juiceman, Gucci Mane, and Dipset amongst like 400 cats I ain't ever heard of to think about. And when I'm talking about drugs here I mean ecstasy, pcp, heroin, cocaine, codeine, oxycontin. I don't mean marijuana. Though if the idea of a gateway drug is hypothetically for real, mad rappers are at that gateway and susceptible to serious problems. Though more than anything recent rap has been about selling drugs, not doing them. If the rock and roll mantra on drugs is about "Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll," the consumption of drugs that is, than the rap mantra has been "never get high on your own supply". Once Biggie uttered those words, the whole idea of drugs and hip-hop shifted from consumption and selling to solely selling and that's when people started to overlook the fact that some of these dudes are getting FUCKED UP and might have serious issues that labels might hold them back from putting out there. No one gives a shit when Lindsey Lohan or, more relevant, Scott Weiland goes to rehab. That said, what self-respecting rapper immersed in a culture of masculinity would go out there and say - yeah, I'm a drug addict and there are parts of my life I can't control? Even on the level of alcohol it's become a taunt of several rappers to accuse foes of being unable to control their alcohol.

Scott Storch recently admitted to spending 30 million dollars on cocaine in six months. Dallas Austin was caught bringing coke to Dubai in 2006. This past June, 2006, Artis Ivey (aka Coolio) plead guilty to possession of cocaine. If broke-ass irrelevant coolio is copping and doing yack, what would prevent some fresh 23 year old with millions and an appreciation for the flashier things (by no fault of their own) in life to do the same? Lil Wayne is awfully fond of Lean. Like very, very fond. Remember Houston, the rapper/singer (?) who gauged his own eyes out? He was on PCP. Fatlip admitted to "accidentally" sucking a dudes dick for cocaine while he was addicted. Ever heard of hyphy? EVERY BAY AREA RAPPER LIKES ECSTASY////

Again, like most of my longer bla bla bla posts, I don't know what all this means. Though I guess what I'm suggesting is it would suck if in addition to losing hell of good rappers to getting shot up, we lose hell of good rappers to shooting up (drugs, shooting up drugs, not people). Jimi Hendrix was one of the first rappers ever, Crosstown Traffic y'all. We saw what happened to him. THAT SHIT SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKED.

Ok. Bye y'all.


jshep said...

DAME DASH IS THE BEST!!! I hung out with him a few months ago and he would not let my champagne glass go empty. This was like three days before the bankruptcy item, though.

CF Edley said...

in defense of bay area rappers, and as i've noted before, they do do flavored yak. which is kinda surreal and prolly accidentally genius. nah yeah though this is serious. rappers should leave the drugs to kids and keep rapping. stay high.

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