Monday, September 7, 2009

A VISIT FROM KATE: this is some bullshit, sorry to get all personal

It is going to be a slooooow day on the internet. No one else in the entire world (america) has to work, because I think it's actually illegal, while I am doing pen cutouts of British luxury goods, please kill me, and I already listened to all the news shows yesterday, which are all about obama fucking up healthcare anyway (you're not fooling anyone Axelrod, and by the way you sound like an asshole). I'm going to try something a little different, an interpretative photo essay of sorts. Because if we don't have our art, what do we have really?


With arms wide open indeed

"Jorge wants to be hardcore but his mother won't let him"
Not cool

While googling "most famous interpretetive dancer" in order to be all like, "Just call me the Martha Graham (eh?) of blogging..." I read this helpful information about interpretive dance: Often the style includes grand, eloquent movements, like wide swooshes of the arms, spins, and drops to the floor. It is frequently enhanced by lavish costumes, ribbons, or spandex body suits.

which made me feel better


Mooner said...

Watch it sister, or I might have to go town-hall on your ass. Maybe the problem is you're listening to too many news shows—don't believe the hype, Obamacare is our last chance to keep this thing on the rails.

Hearts and poines!

Hima said...

another reason i love scott stapp.

Dap said...

let me count the ways...
that valium ad just caused me terrible psychic distress

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