Thursday, December 11, 2008

Top 20 Songs of 2008 by Victor Vazquez aka Kool A.D. of Boy Crisis/Das Racist/JV Basketball/That Other Other Shit

Starting with Victor here I'm going to attempt to have some people that play in real bands stop by with lists of their favorite jawns from 2008. Look out for more soon:

20. apache beat: your powers are magic
19. invisible circle: awestruck
18. the shoes: knockout
17. skoal kodiak: cticrough0708
16. crystal antlers: a thousand eyes
15. esau mwamwaya: chalo
14. lil wayne: a milli
13. kate ferencz: bright flying lightbulb
12. himanshu suri: boat trip
11. francis and the lights: night watchmen
10. chairlift: flying saucer hat
9. yeasayer: red cave
8. effi briest: wedding song
7. nite jewel: weak 4 me
6. swizz beats: that oprah
5. rye rye w/ mia: tic toc
4. leif: black magic
3. gang gang dance: house jam
2. m83: kim & jessie
1. mgmt: metanoia

*Look out for Flying Saucer Hat by Chairlift when that comes out - great. fucking. song. Like really good. - Hima

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