Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh my god...

Sorry to get all "Xanga" on you but this shit happened to me this weekend and it's a little scary:

Mom: Himanshu, I found a girl for you...

Himanshu: Ugh, what are you talking about? It's like 11:00 AM. Why are you calling me?

Mom: She's smart. She's in medical school and lives in New Jersey. She's very pretty; even chubby like you.

Himanshu: Wait -

Mom: No no no, she's not even mildly related to us. She's Deepak Mama from Delhi's best friend's younger sister.

Himanshu: OK.... Are you kidding me? Like, are you serious right now?

Mom: I'm just saying, you're 24. It's time you start thinking about marriage.

Himanshu: Is this some type of arranged marriage crap you're pulling? Something inspired by those terrible Indian dramas (novelas)?

Mom: Not arranged, assisted... and I don't watch that much, I only follow three or four dramas these days.

Himanshu: I'm going to ignore this and hope it doesn't happen again. Also, I'm going to start looking for apartments now. Thanks for the call ma. Byeeeee!!!!

Arranged Marriage - Apache Indian:

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Anonymous said...

mom should realize you got better shit to do

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