Monday, December 22, 2008

Music: Suckers

I've had Suckers stuck in the brain all morning. Suckers is a sweet band from Staten Island, New York. Wait, Brooklyn? Okay, Suckers is an awesome band from Brooklyn, New York. Led by Quinn Walker who's solo shit is solid as well, they are good doods. Suckers also includes Austin Fisher, Brian Aiken and a dood named PAN! I can't help but sing It Gets Your Body Moving as I speedwalk through tourists, bobbing and weaving through midtown. It sounds like a sweet campfire singalong. Best named Indian ever, Anand Wilder, is set to produce their record. They seem to get a lot of Animal Collective comparisons too - this is a very good thing. (Psyched to see AC Jan 20th). Support Suckers, suckers.

Download the incredibly awesome It Gets Your Body Movin' via Earfarm here:

Download "Horn Song" here via where it made # 5 in their top 20 of 2008 list:

This band will be famous.

Head here for more:

Suckas on myspace:

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