Monday, December 15, 2008

Top 10 Songs of 2008 by Lee Pender of Boy Crisis

Lee Pender (right), who is a sex symbol and guitar-player in the boy band Boy Crisis, was kind enough to send a top 10 list my way. He made sure to not include songs that were on other people's lists so as not to bore you reader folk. Peep it:

10. with you forever - pnau

9. yacht - nevereverdid remix

8. dance wif me - dizzee rascal and calvin harris

7. chairlift - evident utensil (mgmt remix)

6. mgmt - of moons, birds and monsters

5. himanshu suri - thug handles

4. deerhunter - never stops

3. crystal castles - crimewave

2. jv basketball - young america

1. bear hands - long nails
Thanks Lee!

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