Monday, December 15, 2008

Events: Apliiq Launch, January 2nd

Back when I first launched Gordon Gartrelle, Steve Pristin ( and I approached his friends at Apliiq ( to help organize a launch party. Steve knows them folks and I thoroughly dig their clothing. I slowly fell out of the progress but props to Steve for getting this done.

Clear your calendars now - this will be the jump. Easily accessible in Williamsburg, the event will take place at Public Assembly and in addition to promotional gifts from apliiq and karmaloop (, Francis and the Lights (, Theophilus London (, Superdunny and Friends with Benefits will tear the house down. If you've never seen Francis play, this is a great opportunity to do so for free.
You have no reason not to go.
*** Unrelated, as we approach 2009 I've made some plans to expand here at Gordon Gartrelle. I've extended invitations to two cool doods and prospective bloggers that I believe share the general sense of humor and ethos of this here web log. One of them even had a proto-blog back in 2000 or something. Let's see what happens...

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