Monday, December 8, 2008

Return to Art: TV Santosh

I've been slacking on posting about any Indian art as I haven't really come across anything new that inspires me lately. Enter TV Santhosh:

TV Santhosh (1968- ) is an artist based in Mumbai.

Santhosh was born in Kerala, India. His paintings are based on images taken from the news media which Santhosh renders in solarised color schemes - like photo negatives. (Sidebar: A friend of mine in high school went to school as "photo negative man" on Halloween once. Just looked like a racist to me.) He started as a sculptor but turned to painting eventually.

Santhosh engages with the urgent questions of history, art history and popular visual culture – the idioms of contemporary politics and culture. His works focus on the immediate manifestation of the relationship between knowledge and power getting translated into images of laboratories, battlefields, machine guns, roses, and mushroom clouds of nuclear fall out.

I really feel the colors dude fucks with.

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