Monday, December 22, 2008

Dap Willis live from 21 Jump

Hello friends and friends of Hima and strangers, my name is Ashok, I go by Dap(well), I will be an occasional guest blogger. BEGIN!

I've drank Sparks (preferred drink of sissy college grads and beautiful, beautiful white women) on an off since the summer of 2003. It was a convenient way (back then, at least) of circumventing open-container laws in the afternoon since the cops didn't know what it was and you know, malt liquor is GREAT? I fortunately stopped drinking the stuff (which always tasted like carbonated Flintstone Vitamins) when a cop dumped 2 cans of it in front of me into a garbage can on 19th and 9th and let me off. Thanks, officer!

Anywho, Sparks is now banned in New York, California and I think ten other states since teen (and pre-teen) garbage probably can't stop guzzling this disgusting shit and vomiting orange all over the hallways of their high schools (and middle schools). I would absolutely buy alcohol for a minor (and probably follow them around afterwards) but there's no way I'd take a request for "a twelve pack of Sparks (or Joose or Tilt). Make sure it's the grape one." Cut your teeth on malt liquor or Budweiser or something. Or , like, don't drink and do something else, I don't give a fuck.

I'm not much into "fashion" per se (hehe) but I do like wearing women's outerwear and I know a good moccasin when I see one. And a fine NIKE SNEAKER MADE OF MEAT. I'm sure you guys have seen the internet sensation Hollywood put up earlier this year, but check out this rad bad boy.


Not exactly the flyest Nike (model-wise) but IT'S MADE OF FUCKING MEAT. Which I don't eat cause that's a total dick-move.

Another GUARANTEED GOOD TIME can be found right here at I live for this sort of stuff. My personal favorite "feature" is the obviously faked and disabled comments section.

"Yo, my name is Russel, aka Chedda, and this is my blog. I was struggling with debts, bills and a son and lady to take care of. This is how I got a $12,000 check from the government in 30 days and start banking over $5,000 per month online. "

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