Wednesday, October 29, 2008

YouTube: Foucault & Chomsky, Zizek

Most of you won't understand this stuff. It's probably over your head. I get it though. I took a Sociology 101 class at Bard so this is nothing to me:

The same goes for this. You guys will probably be like, Huh? How is the Sound of Music racist? I loved that movie, and I'm not racist. For Christ's sake, I went to Oberlin and lived in a multi-culti dorm!! Well, when I was abroad I took a cool little class called "Philosophy 101", in Paris. So I'm covered. Let's see if you are:


Jeffrey said...

u fag u went to WESleyan

Kool Man said...

look i spent 3 years at skidmore and i didnt have FUCKING CLUE WHAT THESE FUCKIN PEOPEL WERE TALKIN ABOUT GOD DMAnit fyuck fuck

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