Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Poetry: Upsize Your Manhood

So you all know I'm a poet. Basically I'm probably the best poet I know. And I know lots of poets because my circle is full of very talented people. When I had to pick my 5 for T-Mobile it was like Poet, Poet, Poet, Poet, Poet. I wrote a new poem. I'm a little rusty since I wrote "You Can Have Satyajit Ray", a poem my boy Amiri Baraka was digging when he heard it (no joke). But I'm proud of my most recent work. It's a piece inspired by internet spam, which we all know is such a pesky little devil. Am I right? Without further adue:

Upsize Your Manhood

Upsize your manhood
Make yourself perfect
Explode her mind with pleasure
Enjoy uninterrupted love
See options you can get
Power up your package
Grow thicker, harder and longer
The secret to making her come
Grow your pole by 2 inches today
Sharon loved the results I got from this
Sam's new size made me jealous
Increase your load
Always be ready for bedroom action
Show her your huge size
She loves you huge
Forget about failures in the bedroom for 3 months
Make her desire you
Turn your tool into rock hard steel
So big that she will be scared
The revolution has arrived
Don't settle for less than 9 inches
You is measured by the size of your love tool
Casanova style of life
Be confident that you will have a larger head soon
What every woman wants from their man
Become full and firm
Get better confidence for better sex
Increase in size and boost in intimate performance
Watch her come over and over again
Get size and girth here
Be a stud in bed

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