Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Humor: Goodness Gracious Me

Anyone that knows me is well aware of my affinity for TV and other forms of mindless entertainment. Wonder Showzen and Freaks and Geeks are probably my favorite American shows. Goodness Gracious Me is one of my favorite British shows. Because of the larger role South Asians play in British society they've had several TV shows devoted to South Asians that I haven't been able to watch, like Buddha of Suburbia based on Haneif Kureishi's probably awesome book I never read.

"Goodness Gracious Me is a BBC English language sketch comedy show originally on BBC Radio 4 and later televised on BBC Two (the radio series from 1996-1998 and the TV series from 1998-2001) based on four British Asian actors: Sanjeev Bhaskar, Kulvinder Ghir, Meera Syal and Nina Wadia. In the television version most of the "white" parts are played by Dave Lamb and Fiona Allen, while in the radio version the white parts were played by the cast themselves."

Meera Syal also wrote Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee, a title anyone with Indian parents can appreciate. While not the kind of literature fans of Jhumpa or Arundhati could appreciate, I loved the accessibility of a novel likek that. It was also turned into a miniseries on BBC I would have liked to watch.

Anyway, when I first walked into work this co-worker of mine asked me if he could call me HANK instead of HIMANSHU:

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