Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fashion: Christopher Topman Designs, Christopher Shannon, Hans Madsen + Music: Diplo

London Fashion Week closed with the MAN runway show. It's kind of this jumpoff where the individual dopest jumpoffs come together for a collectively dope jumpoff. The line up this year was Topman Design, Christopher Shannon, Hans Madsen, and James Long. I'm not going to include James Long cuz I'm not feeling his shit. Beyond that, I'm feeling all of these designs but especially Topman Design.

Topman Design

Christopher Shannon

Hans Madsen
I'm calling this now, partially inspired by my homie Alexi and also by what I had been thinking prior to seeing dude rock one but, Dashiki's will be huge. And peeping dude on the lower set's right frame's dashiki-inspired piece, I think I could be on to something. Cop yours now.

Also, via MadDecent we also have this awesome jump "Inna De Ghetto Remix" by Buraka Som Sistema & Diplo: De Ghetto (Remix).mp3

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